Letter to the Editor: Risking all while we pay peanuts

What’s wrong with this picture? Our sons and daughters leave home and family in order to protect us, the residents of the richest nation on Earth. They do it damn well.

Many are deployed in harm’s way. Too many are injured, and some never return. When they do return, and for all soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen, they face a dysfunctional health care system (The VA), a gross lack of appreciation for their sacrifices, and many, a life battling PTSD. And we pay them peanuts! The lower ranks are woefully underpaid: ranks E2 through E6. In my opinion, there is no greater calling, and no greater sacrifice, and so all should be paid more than they currently are.

Call upon your congressman/woman to introduce legislation immediately which would raise the pay of every servicemember by at least 5%. Provide more family military housing.

And, Rand Paul, please don’t start complaining about the ballooning deficit in the budget. Cut some of your ballooning perks and entitlements to help fund fair pay for those who risk all!

Ken Abraham

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