Letter to the Editor: Robinson fine choice for name of new school

I have been fortunate to have wonderful people who had positively impacted my life. One of those individuals whom I admire and forever be grateful is Dave Robinson. When I read about the wonderful news (of a new school named after him), I was elated.

Dr. Robinson was my principal and mentor. During my teaching career he inspired me to become an administrator and mentored me through my administrative path. Sometimes he invited me to different meetings as a listener, and later would ask what would I have done as a principal.

Later on, as I started to apply for administrative positions, he was always excited to know how I did at my interviews. He always gave me words of encouragement. I think deep inside he knew that having a physical disability like I did, might be seen as somewhat of a challenge for others. Yet, he believed that based on my qualifications I could be a great leader for any organization.

Yes, I did it! I enjoyed every bit of my journey. He was so right! Thanks, Dave, for believing!

Ariadna Castaneda
Rehoboth Beach

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