LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ron Paul got it wrong about Bonini

This week [July 31-Aug. 6], Colin Bonini got an impressive feather in his cap with an endorsement from Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Paul has been the standard-bearer for the Liberty Movement since he got into politics in 1979.

I have a great deal of respect for a man who has, in spite of pressure from the GOP, stood firm on the principles of nonaggression and brought the principles of Rothbard, Hayek, Mises, Bastiat and countless other libertarian minds. Sadly, though, even Dr. Paul isn’t infallible, and with a brief look at Sen. Bonini’s voting record, it’s pretty clear that he’s not the advocate for liberty Dr. Paul made him out to be. So far, Sen. Bonini has:

Voted against reducing penalties for possession of marijuana (HB 39 2015, HB 19 2011) and the use of cannabis for medical purposes (SB 17 2011).

Voted against LGBTQ discrimination protections (SB 121 2009, SB 30 2011, HB 75 2013, SB 97 2013, HB 115 2015).

Voted against gambling (HB 100 2009, HB 310 2010)

Voted against the death penalty repeal (SB 19 2013, SB 40 2015)

There are plenty of other instances in which Mr. Bonini, while advocating for conservative principles, defied the principles of liberty. Most notably, he has advocated for the decriminalization of marijuana, which is a step in the right direction; motivation is everything, and his motivation is a major source of revenue generation for the state.

We need a libertarian leader who stands on the principles of peaceful and voluntary self-determination, and Mr. Bonini, on this one point, got it right for all the wrong reasons, and for once, the honorable Dr. Ron Paul just got it wrong.

Sean L. Goward
Libertarian candidate for governor

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