Letter to the Editor: Sanctuary state coming?

The president has threatened to relieve the flood of migration at the border by channeling those awaiting entry processing into spillway, sanctuary cities. We find the origin of sanctuary cities in the 80s when religious groups were extending the sanctuary of the church to Guatemalans and Salvadorians fleeing anti-Communist regimes.

The numbers even then were significant, hundreds of thousands, and highlighted the question of states rights vs. federal authority. Years later, the issue continues to fester. Meanwhile eight states and hundreds of counties and cities have declared they are sanctuaries and impede and obstruct federal immigration authorities.

The controversy has rancored the Trump administration. Progressives believe they are advancing humanitarian principles while conservatives are concerned about the overall stress on social systems and the lack of adherence to the rule of law, resulting in the breakdown of civil society.

Delaware is not a sanctuary state but the winds of change are whistling through Dover. Look at the recent actions of our attorney general, Kathy Jennings who entered Delaware into the joint lawsuit with 19 other states to stop funding for the border wall.

If the nation and our state are not serious about controlling the border to prevent illegal immigration, the flow will continue unabated. As the crisis expands, the clarion call of the progressives will become “sanctuary.” I fear the call will resonate and be heeded by our current Delaware leadership.

Herbie Smith
Ocean View

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