LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Schools need to stay out of personal lives of children

In regard to the revised version of Regulation 225, I am still highly offended and angered by this proposal in any form.

The very Liberal Delaware Department of Education is trying to gain control of our children’s minds any way they can for their own liberal purposes. I have given this matter much thought and I cannot see any good coming out of this for our children. Sex and gender are not the same topic or concept. The sex of a child is determined by his or her biological make up, by their genetic code.

Gender, as used in todays concept, is an identity based on one’s feelings and beliefs. To encourage children to identify as something or someone they are not especially as it relates to gender or race is not only immoral but totally unacceptable for an educational system and smacks of a society shaping agenda. Regulation 225 applies to Instructional Material which is easily interpreted to mean that any material in the classroom that does not promote the ideology of gender fluidity and transgenderism is discriminatory.

The premise of Regulation 225 is to assert the terms “gender identity” and “sex” interchangeably to prohibit “discrimination.” What will happen if a child decides to call themselves a dog or a horse. It might seem a ridiculous comment for me to make but study the histories of some Roman emperors and you will find presidencies for it.

Please stick to teaching English, math, science and reading etc. and stay out of the personal lives of our families and our innocent children.

I strongly object to Regulation 225 in ANY form and strongly encourage our leaders to remove this society shaping agenda from our school curriculums.

Rose Pritchett


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