Letter to the Editor: Seaford City Council candidate needs real vision

This month may have started with April Fool’s Day but the upcoming April 20 Seaford City Council election is no joke.

For years the vision of Seaford city government has relied on some ideas/practices of questionable effectiveness. Parts of its vision include “If We Build It, They Will Come,” re-branding (i.e. “The Perfect Place to Start”), grossly restricting true public input and trying the “Right to Work” gimmick.

Mayor Genshaw’s and the current City Council’s vision has not worked. Accordingly, there needs to be broader and bona fide VISION for 2020 and beyond.

Personally I am looking for a City Council candidate whose broader VISION includes:

•Having the SPD with body cameras practice true community policing by WALKING our community not just riding around in shiny new SUVs with new, more powerful weapons

•Making the “community” pool available and friendly to ALL of the community especially with the City planning to spend $750,000 in renovations

•The $26 million plan for WWT upgrades needs to be amended to dispose of nutrient-laden effluent on land rather than continuing to rely on dumping effluent into the Nanticoke

•Critically evaluating and revising the need for a planned 50% increase in WWT capacity when we are currently using only about 50% of existing capacity

•Energy conservation should be encouraged by reducing/eliminating the regressive electricity rate structures, customer charges and minimum bills

•Homeowners should be encouraged to generate electricity via solar/other renewable means, not discouraged by denied connection to Seaford’s electrical grid

•Seaford needs to move into the 21st century by purchasing electricity for resale from primarily renewable sources instead of primarily non-renewal sources

•Critically evaluating and modifying annual pay and benefit packages of $100,000+ for too many city employees

•More fully involving citizens in the decision-making process by making all city expenditures of $500,000+ subject to open public hearings and making all City expenditures of $1 million+ subject to approval via referendum

•Providing for public comment about all public business at all public meetings

•Abandoning the current grossly ineffective municipal voter registration and voting protocols by: a) establishing a goal of 85% registration of all eligible voters; b) providing for election day voter registration; c) including all eligible voters from state/federal voter rolls; d) holding municipal elections on the same November day as state/federal elections; e) allowing hassle-free absentee balloting in municipal elections; and e) providing for two voting districts and three at-large positions for City Council elections

As I see it, such forward-looking VISION requires new ‘blood” not beholding to the entrenched “old” guard as one candidate seems to be.

Mr. Jose Santos is a young, well educated U of D graduate with a different perspective on how Seaford should be governed.

Seaford needs such new perspective to help promote and achieve comprehensive VISION changes.

Please vote on April 20!

Dan Cannon


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