LETTER TO THE EDITOR: SEED program should be based on need

In response to a (July 25) Sound Off comment from Rich McNaught, why should it be the responsibility of the state government to pay for your child’s education? The SEED program which our state government has allocated $5.65 million in 2016 should be reformed.

With a low graduation rate I feel that money is being wasted and the program does not work. A great deal of the students taking advantage of a “free education” had already planned on continuing their education after high school and come from families that could afford to pay the tuition cost.

If the state wants to continue with this program it should be need-based and the requirements for this “free” money should be broadened.

As to your remark about your tax dollars going to methadone clinics so junkies can get free drugs, I feel sorry for you and your lack of empathy for those suffering from a horrific disease.

Opioid addiction and overdose is killing the young people in our communities, state, and country. It is destroying individuals and families everyday.

These clinics provide hope where there may otherwise be no hope. To call these individuals “junkies” is disgraceful.

Janice Yearick

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