LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Sensible gun restrictions’ akin to confiscation

Every time that I question whether liberal socialists are able to see the forest for the trees, along comes proof in the form they are seemingly oblivious that there are any trees at all out there. The recent letter from Bill Clemens (“Voting for sensible gun restrictions”) sticks right to this agenda and his letter inches closer to his real intent: gun confiscation.

Where else but in America could you slander 6 million other citizens with impunity? If you tried that with the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, BLM, or even groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center or Mr. Clemens’ favorite, the Violence Policy Center, you’d be castigated and ostracized by the public. Yet he is taking his usual delight in doing just that with “statistics” that are drawn from thin air or from sources that endorse total gun ownership bans and confiscation.

The NRA has never deviated from its intended mission. They have never fought against reasonable assurances that honest citizens would not be turned into criminals for exercising their constitutional rights. They actually suggested and helped implement the system we now use in this country to restrict miscreants and mentally flawed individuals from having firearms. Sadly, when the government was put into control of the program, it has had shortcomings exactly as has happened in the most recent mass shootings. Anyone who’s ever tried to buy a firearm is familiar with the method that makes it easier for an illegal alien to vote than for a natural born citizen to buy a gun.

The socialists keep chirping about “compromise” but their idea of compromise is that they take and anyone disagreeing give or be faced with legal penalty. They keep taking but when any sense of reason is used to challenge them, they clasp their chests and scream “for the children”. Where are they with drunk driving, abortions and the opioid crisis where over 64,000 people die each year?

Without missing a beat this group wants to flaunt the European model that we escaped nearly 250 years ago. This is a part of the world where unbridled and unchecked immigration has turned those countries into cesspools. Invading migrants rob, rape, and murder but are still given unfettered protection. Their citizens are already prohibited from owning guns and even protecting themselves from violence.

Just last week, journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested for reporting on a trial of nine individuals purported to be trafficking children. Jim Acosta complains of being banned from a press conference yet Robinson faces 13 months of imprisonment. With deference to our northern neighbors, Canada is quickly becoming just like its motherland.

I am sick of the “bump stock” mentality. This fits right into the narrative of “Saturday Night Specials”, “assault weapons”, and implying the AR in AR15 stood for “automatic rifle”. As a country kid in the 1960’s we knew how to “bump fire “ semiautomatic rifles. That’s exactly how John Browning came up with his invention of the M2 (Ma Duce) machine gun. Physics and the laws of motion are unchanged.

I’d guarantee you that most people never heard of the “bump stock” until the Las Vegas shooting and even there, there has been no hard evidence the device was actually used. It fits right along with magazine restrictions. Anyone familiar with a gun can use three 10-round magazines within a few seconds of what one 30-round magazine would. I suppose Mr. Clemens would endorse limiting a person to only one a 10-round magazine in their possession. I’m sure a murderer would be obedient to adding another silly law to the dialect.

If children in schools were really his or his follower’s concerns, why wasn’t their first action to supply schools with a minimum of the same protections afforded every federal building, every courthouse, and every bank in this country? If political contributions from private individuals such as the NRA uses should be of such concern, how about outlawing the use of union dues like the NEA and AFL-CIO or federal tax dollars from Planned Parenthood be included?

We all dare to mention this but at some time we’re going to face it if we don’t. If, in that sad day we resort to disarming honest Americans of all guns, what is the game plan for dealing with other devices of destruction? A shotgun and a pistol were the most recent, but little attention is paid to the IEDs that were set out and were not detonated. Is fertilizer and diesel fuel next on Mr. Clemens’ list?

The utopia he espouses is actually found in China, North Korea, Cuba, South Africa, and Venezuela, but I failed to see that mentioned in his letter. Yet here’s a fact that can be verified by the FBI that wasn’t included: Today, 6 million NRA members and over 41 million legal American firearms owners killed no one.

George Roof

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