LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Sexual harassment cases too long in the dark

Another high profile sexual harassment case years in the making finally comes to light. Seems a bit odd they only come to light when the supposed perpetrator runs for office, or is already in office. Why not settle the matter when it happens instead of waiting half a lifetime? That’s not to say there isn’t any guilt involved, but seriously, 35 years? Granted, karma has a way of coming around, but this is just a little too strange for anyone to actually pay much heed to it.

The proposed sexual act happened at a party where several people were in the room. Nobody stepped up to do anything? Really? Were they all so intoxicated no one noticed? Come on now, let’s shed some truth and shame the devil here.

Sexual harassment has always been a problem, and it is also becoming a problem for males as well. To solve the problem immediately the victim needs to open up to their superiors and the superiors need to action immediately. Why on earth would anyone wait so long to bring the culprit to justice? Embarrassment, shame? If someone is still upset over such a situation 35 years later it’s probably time to resolve the issue; just be sure to resolve it with the truth. Too many of these cases are happening; all around the time the perpetrator is up for a higher seat in the ranks of government. Causes one to wonder, that’s all.

Debbie Hilton


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