LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Shame’ and ‘sorrow’ are not enough

A few days ago the news broke, with this headline: “Catholic Priests Abused 1,000 Children in Pennsylvania, Report Says.” Church officials say two words express their dismay: “shame” and “sorrow.” Shame and sorrow are not enough, so I have an idea.

We have all heard the horrifying stories, so I do not print much detail about them here. We are talking about the brutal rape, torture and severe emotional abuse of little children, and the astonishingly callous and calculated complex plan by church officials to cover it all up. The report says a thousand victims, but I can only wonder how high the real number is.

In light of the breadth and depth of these atrocities, and given the incidents in other states in recent years, here is my idea. Since government agencies are unlikely to undertake such a task, the Catholic Church, with the billions of dollars it is sitting on, should hire a top-notch independent mega law firm to do a proper, thorough investigation in every state into abuse and its cover up by the Catholic Church!

Then give the results to the victims and to authorities, for prosecutions and so that the victims may seek whatever justice they can through civil suits! Laws concerning the statute of limitations will vary from state to state, so here is another idea.

Congress should enact a special bill, referencing this specific investigation (whatever it might be called), providing that no state statute of limitations can bar recovery for any valid civil claim, nor can it bar prosecution of those responsible.

All of this is needed because, despite talk of great “reforms” when news of early cases came to light, nothing changed, and our children suffered.

Every church official involved in the abuses and the cover up of them must be fired, stripped of any benefits, and prosecuted if possible!

Ken Abraham

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