Letter to the Editor: Shedding crocodile tears

Alas the irony! Mr. Beveridge and so many of the Trump cheerleaders bemoan his being so harshly treated by those “evil” Democrats. (“Playing politics around the border wall,” Commentary Jan. 10)

If my memory serves me, it was the saintly Republicans who took a sacred oath” in 2008 to make Obama a one-term president.

Their holy crusade was to block any and all proposals that came from that administration. Alas, even those proposals they previously favored, such as medical insurance reform.

So now the knights errant of Trumpism are shedding their crocodile tears over the mistreatment of their naked king.

So perhaps a better understanding of the Trump presidency can be found in readers turning to a poem by Shelley, “Ozymandias.” Like the previous Crusades this too will end in dust and ashes.

Bob Heifetz

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