LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Short memory on the wall

An article appeared in the July 30 State News, re: Trump willing to to shut government over border security. When you read this article you see that the real issue is that this man is not getting funding for his border wall.

I know Trump’s followers have a short memory so I will remind them, Throughout the campaign Trump would stand in front of his fanatical fans and state that Mexico would pay for his wall. They would cheer wildly.

This man now has the audacity to threaten the budget because he is not getting his wall. Enough is enough. Congress needs to call his bluff.

This one is a no-brainer, the subject of Mexico paying for the wall is moot. Every Democrat needs to stand up and say they will not support any budget with money for his wall. If the government shuts down, it is because of him. Don’t forget that.

Paul Donnelly

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