LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Show the national anthem

I heard that ESPN will not be showing the national anthem on “Monday Night Football” this year. Taxpayers and local governments have been subsidizing pro sports stadiums for many years. Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park were built on $256 and $229 million in public funds respectively, both funded by a 50-50 public and private spit.

In 2013, the Atlanta Braves built a new stadium that cost the taxpayer $400 million in public funding. It also cost the county where the stadium was built $8.6 million in foregone taxes. The public pays 70 percent of all the cost of NFL stadiums.

An article dated Sept. 26, 2017 that I read stated that NFL stadiums have received an estimated $6.7 billion from taxpayers over the years.

The national anthem represents who we are and the hardships of our forefathers who fought for this country for us to be free. Many Americans have died to give the freedoms we have today.

Nearly 500,000 military personnel died during the U.S. Civil War, Revolutionary War 4,435, War of 1812 2,260, Indian Wars 1,000, Mexican War 13,283, Spanish-American War 2,446, World War 1 116,516, World War 11 405,399 Korean War 54,246, Vietnam War 90,220 Persian Gulf War 1,565, Global War on Terror 6,852.

When I hear the national anthem being played before NFL games it means to me honor and glory of being an American. To me it also giving thanks and praise to all those who have given their lives for our freedom.

The national anthem eulogizes the history, traditions and struggles of its people and this country. So I will not be watching “Monday Night Football.” I love my Eagles but love my country more. I will not be watching the Birds against Washington if the national anthem is not played on Dec 3.

David W. Mazur

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