LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Showing support for after-school programming

The Delaware Association of School Administrators supports boosting after-school programming for our students as detailed in House Bill 240, sponsored by Rep. Valerie Longhurst.

Continued emphasis on extending and complementing the traditional school day will provide a wealth of student benefits. With additional statewide investments in these programs, students will see significant improvement in their social and academic performance.

As we are all aware, the need to support our students, especially those with high-risk variables, is essential. Quality after-school programs, administered by invested, highly motivated staff, will deliver supportive academic instruction and support primary needs such as socialization skills, balanced nutrition, life skills, career planning and physical activity.

After-school programs connected to community organizations, such as the YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs, broaden the level of services available to our students.

These partnerships, which are the cornerstone of the plan outlined in HB 240, maximize the strength of our resources and economize the cost of delivery. The final and most critical component of an effective after-school program is a transportation system which brings students home or to a supervised/structured community center, as envisioned in the bill.

House Bill 240 is a step in the right direction and will provide significant opportunities and benefits for all students, especially our youngest and those in need. We offer our thanks to those legislators who support this important piece of legislation and encourage others to join them.

Dr. Kevin Carson
Executive director
Delaware Association of School Administrators

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