LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Shupe showed love of Milford from a young age

I’m writing this letter to show my support for Bryan Shupe, who I feel is the best candidate for the current District 36th Representative opening. I first met Bryan when he was a student of mine during my tenure at Milford High School.

As a graduate of the very academically competitive class of 2002, I can still vividly remember Bryan’s love of his hometown of Milford, his home state of Delaware and his country of the United States of America.

It was obvious to me that although Bryan was a teenager at the time, he had quite a mature sense of duty to community and genuinely desired to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. Bryan thrived on discussing important issues of the day, but in a way that allowed those that disagreed with him to have their views heard and understood. It seemed to me that Bryan was destined for public service because of his combination of an outstanding work ethic, solution-oriented mindset, willingness and interest in changing the lives of others for the better, and his strong sense of community and family.

Since Bryan’s graduation from MHS and the University of Delaware with a degree in political science, he has been extremely involved in many aspects of government and business.

Bryan and his wife are owners of two small local businesses in the 36th district and he was elected to two terms as mayor of Milford. In addition, Bryan prides himself on his work with non-profit, education and government agencies.

Some of his current and past experiences include being an active member of the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors, serving as its president at one point. In addition, Bryan was the president of the Sussex County Association of Towns and played a role on the Governor’s Commission on Community and Volunteer Service.

Bryan has continued his active work in community service through government by being out and engaged with the citizens he serves. I’ve heard countless stories from colleagues and friends about how Mr. Shupe has reached out, listened to their concerns, and made attempts to solve some very difficult issues.

In addition, Bryan is extremely committed to his work with our community’s youth. Mr. Shupe has spent countless hours with the Boys & Girls Club, in local schools, and promoting and honoring those youth leaders that are critical in today’s society. I’ve seen first-hand him listening to people to create community-driven responses to changes that are needed.

I couldn’t be prouder of the involved, compassionate, genuine and open-minded citizen Bryan Shupe has become. As a current fourth grade teacher at Ross Elementary, seeing Mr. Shupe interact with our students has been such an inspiration that our young people of Milford can and will do great things. Bryan Shupe is the best candidate for the 36th Representative opening, and I will proudly vote for him next month.

Denise Heimbaugh


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