Letter to the Editor: Snowflakes in Lewes

For the last six years, snowflakes have been installed on telephone poles along many dity of Lewes streets. These decorations are the result of the efforts of a committee of Lewes residents determined to revive and inject life into the city’s holiday display by fundraising in private, soliciting donations from friends and local businesses.

This annual display has the support of city officials, the city’s Streets Department whose staff installs, removes and stores the snowflakes, and the Board of Public Works that absorbs the cost of electricity to power the lights.

Many Lewes residents have continued to contribute to the city so that more snowflakes could be purchased and installed throughout other streets in town. And, residents are continuing to ask if this effort could be expanded even further.

At $400 per snowflake, these snowflakes are not inexpensive. To keep the tradition alive in 2019, the group is hoping to raise $5,000 by the end of February. If the goal is met, more snowflakes can be ordered for the 2019 season.

To donate to this effort, tax deductible contributions can be made payable to the City of Lewes and earmarked for Holiday Lights for Lewes and sent to Alison Kirk, Parks and Marina Administrator, 114 E. Third St., Lewes. For more information, email holidaylightsforlewes@comcast.net.

Brenda Brady
Sharon Dardine
Carol DiSabatino
Lurie Mills
Jeff West

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