Sen. Carper says he’s making sure we keep getting Social Security. But my question is how come all these years he hasn’t stop taking money that was supposed to go to Social Security and spending it elsewhere?

President Johnson did this and over the years Congress still takes it and it keeps increasing up to over 7 percent of your pay.

Only a portion goes into the Social Security fund and also your employer pays in the same amount you do towards yours and only a portion of it makes it to the fund. So the part that doesn’t get into the Social Security fund for you is an additional tax that you paid and you do not get credit for paying it. It is used for whatever the government wants and doesn’t go where it is supposed to go.

Why haven’t employers over these years also stood up and stopped this. And here is the Catch-22: They call it an ENTITLEMENT!! how can some thing you putting your money in be and entitlement? If we really had representation in Congress they would have stopped that and let all money for Social Security go into it.

Marvin Fortney

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