LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Socialism is a lost cause

In reference to Carol Hotte’s Letter to the Editor in the Delaware State News on Aug. 17 (“Of Socialists and America’s social programs”), I disagree. It’s not the first time Ms. Hotte and I have crossed swords and, frankly, we should just agree to disagree. She would not agree with me and I do not agree with her! That’s the American way.

She expressed all her interpretative information in the usual commentary of a modified left-wing liberal. Our capitalistic country has improved greatly in the past two years of the Trump administration. The man nobody in Washington, D.C. wanted to be president now resides in the Oval Office.

America’s unemployment rate of 3.9 percent is now at its lowest point in many decades; solid marketing opportunities have returned to our shores. Something the prior administration stated would never occur. Surprise, surprise, the Obama administration was wrong on so many counts. The Trump tax cuts have allowed Americans to keep money in their pockets instead of sending it on to Washington, D.C. coffers for more wasteful pork spending. Chump change according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Our military is stronger than ever before and our brave veterans are at last receiving the care and support that had been neglected for many years. The removal of the Obama mandate included in the ACA that hindered many Americans from making their own health care decision is now a valid option.

Granted, President Trump is an unorthodox leader of our nation. It was time for the business as usual Washington, D.C. approach to end. It has worked! Frankly, both Republican and Democratic leadership are in a quandary to understand a person who is not one of their “own”. America desperately required a new captain on the ship of state.

We now have him. He is shaking up the “norm” in Washington, DC. This was extremely necessary to achieve the many goals of the Trump administration allowing focus on new, worthwhile programs. President Trump has brought America back from the abyss of mediocrity through his ideas, actions and commitment.

Of course, we need effective, established social programs rightfully decreed to Americans; Social Security (a system that has been rightfully due the recipients that they have been paid for through many, many decades).

The Social Security Trust Fund has been eroded and depleted by our illustrious Washington, D.C. politicians for years and replaced with worthless IOUs that will never be repaid). The term “trust” in Washington, D.C. at times is quite meaningless to the political wizards. Medicare and Medicaid are necessary programs for their intended purpose of securing the requirements of people entitled to and in need.

Socialism is the new, desperate Democratic attempt to detour and destroy American capitalist success. Desperate people do desperate things. This may be the last gasp Democrats can thrust against their opponents in November 2018 and recapture their lost power. The power that brought American failure in all aspects to our way of life.

The Democratic attempt of practice and theory had brought America to our knees. We had fallen but we were not out. Change in direction was the necessary course of action. Success was on our horizon. No more regulation nation but an open door to American ingenuity. It is now here and should never be replaced by negative, obstructionism.

As the wise British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said, “The only problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” Words Americans should heed and live by.

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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