Letter to the Editor: Solutions to Sussex traffic ills needed

Recently, I proposed that the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) investigate the possibility of constructing an additional bridge over the Indian River to provide traffic relief in and around Millsboro.

Southeastern Sussex County is the most densely populated portion of the county. Much of the traffic flowing to this region moves over the Indian River Inlet Bridge or through Millsboro.

Because of the county’s geography, a large volume of beach traffic bottlenecks in Millsboro, leading to gridlock during peak travel times in the spring, summer and fall.

Rich Collins

This is not a new problem. DelDOT proposed the infamous “Blue Route” as a cure for the area’s traffic woes several years ago. This expensive, complicated and invasive proposal would have displaced hundreds of homes, farms, and businesses between Millsboro and Frankford.

For this reason, many residents are understandably suspicious of any proposal to build new bridges and highways in the area.

By stark contrast, what I am asking to be evaluated is a short relief route to the south of Millsboro that would be built primarily along existing rights-of-way on unused land devoid of structures.

There is a dire need to address this situation and, with the process to plan and build a bridge typically taking more than a decade, we need to start exploring solutions now. Further delay will only aggravate future traffic congestion challenges.

I will not support anything that would harm Sussex County residents.

If you should have further questions about this proposal, please contact me by e-mail at rich.collins@delaware.gov and text or phone 302-381-1610.

State Rep. Rich Collins

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