Letter to the Editor: Solving immigration ills

Here’s a solution to the border funding nonsense that should make both sides happy.

1. Put the $5 billion in to the CrimeStoppers fund to be available nationwide.

2. Let the people turn individuals in who they believe are illegal. Provide authorities with names, addresses, vehicle descriptions and tag numbers. Let the authorities do the investigation. If it is determined that the person or persons are here in this country illegally and deported, a reward of $500 per head shall be given to the individual who turned them in.

3. If a company is knowingly employing illegals, it’s an automatic loss of their business license and a $1,000 fine per head.

That should remove around 10 million illegals from this country within two to three years. Our elected officials get to save face and say they had nothing to do with it, par for the course. There would be enough money in the fund to make a living for some. Perhaps it would reduce the unemployment rate even more.

Problem solved. No border wall and we get rid of 10 million who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

Let the crying/whining start.

Jerry Clifton

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