Letter to the Editor: Some churches and some people

There is a building with a steeple, where you praise God and meet people. It’s called a church where all should go, where people pray, and kids can grow.

A TV preacher a church he is not, to meet people and talk a lot. One day a week isn’t too much, to depend on God and not on your luck.

Sunday is a rest day in the week, a holy day God says to keep. More and more people are starting to show, they don’t care enough about church enough to go.

If any church closes its doors that is bad, for people who want to come that is sad. Young people will be the ones to show, that coming to church is the way to go.

Praise the Holy Trinity the way is clear, to do your best and things so dear. To go and meet friends and new people, you have to keep open the building with the steeple.

Mondell Semans Jr.
Ridgely Md.

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