LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Spending money on a ‘Space Force’?

President Trump recently announced plans to create a “space force.”

Seriously. “ warfighting in space …” Actual quote attributed to a senior congressional aide.
Congress cries now that there is no money for children’s healthcare (CHIP), schools, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security and homeless vets to name a few, but we now can apparently dig up money for a “Space Force?”

What happened to fixing our “crumbling infrastructure” that he was touting months ago?

Trump apparently thinks he is Buck Rogers. What is next — Time Travel Force? Giant Robot Force? Clone Force? Cyborg Force? Maybe some Trump Hotels on the moon? You know he is always thinking about how he and his family can make a buck off something.

Wonder how long before he is out with a flight jacket photo op and making rocket noises/gestures. The dementia is really starting to show. “Space Force” — its like every 8 year-old cartoon-watching-kid’s dream, except Donald Trump isn’t 8 years old. (At least not biologically.)

Michele Lapinski

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