LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Squirrel away’ some money to help Code Purple

As a former resident of Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing, and now a part-time staff member (I counsel ex-offenders in re-entry), I see firsthand what a tremendous job this organization and their Code Purple allies do in helping the homeless in our community.

They now have, in addition to the original shelter, the “DIMH Resource Center,” where they assist as many as 45 other (non DIMH residents) homeless people every day — help with finding jobs, job training, help with finding shelter, furthering education, etc. I daresay that the qualifications and caring of the team of people at work here are unsurpassed in their field in Delaware.

In 2013, drawing on the experiences of DIMH, Kent County Levy Court Commissioner Allan Angel and local realtor Rebecca Martin launched “Code Purple,” a project to house some of our many homeless during the freezing winter nights. They have arranged shelter for hundreds of people on every winter night when the temperature is below freezing.

There are 12 sanctuaries getting ready now (primarily churches throughout Kent County), and two to four more are expected by November. Of course, no two people have done all the work; there is a tremendous team of volunteers behind the Code Purple organization, and they provide all they do with funding from Kent County and from donations. They received no grant money, but worked wonders with help from the Kent County community.

There is also a Code Purple program in Sussex County. I write to ask you, dear reader, to “squirrel away” a few dollars each week, so that you might make a donation to Code Purple in early November. If you check their website or their Facebook page in coming weeks, you will also see some specific needs, such as blankets, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, socks, boots, etc.

The level of participation last year was fantastic, and greatly appreciated by so many who benefited, but the need is enormous. The homeless among us, men, women, and families with children, who have encountered an unexpected temporary setback, need a lift to get back on their feet. DIMH and Code Purple, with your help, provide that much-needed lift!

We know there are many worthy causes, but if you knew some of these homeless people, you would agree that few are as worthy. When we help the homeless, we help our communities. Thank you for whatever you can do to help and support Code Purple.

Ken Abraham

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