LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop playing in the sand

Each year the beach replenishment program spends in excess of $20 million. This takes place if not every year, every other year along the coast of Delaware.

I would rather see taxpayer dollars spent building jetties that would eliminate the erosion problem on the beaches, instead of throwing money at the problem and pumping sand up onto the beach and then letting it be reclaimed by the ocean again!

I’m sure that these contractors love pumping the sand from the ocean back to the beach every year, but when is enough enough?

If you’re going to fix the problem, do it right the first time so it doesn’t have to happen again, and again, and again! The government claims it’s always looking for ways to save money. Well here’s a way to save money over decades. Build jetties, and stop wasting our money playing with sand!

  Bill Sharpe 

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