LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop supporting those who don’t support you

Recent decisions by the Supreme Court which undermine traditional family values have left many Christians and other concerned Americans upset and demoralized.

While the federal government and Supreme Court are a problem, the role major global corporations play should not be underestimated. Reuters recently reported that “Big business was on the winning side in the U.S. Supreme Court’s two major cases of the year, with hundreds of employers pushing hard in favor of gay marriage … .”

This is not a new development. In a survey conducted by Fortune magazine 20 years ago, 59 percent of CEOs said, “A woman should be able to have an abortion if she wants one, no matter the reason.” The same survey reported that 100 U.S. corporations, including Apple, Levi Strauss, Microsoft and Time Warner, were actively supporting the gay agenda.

This long-term corporate opposition to traditional values is producing a frightening harvest. Those of us who are concerned about our nation’s moral degeneration need to take the fight to the corporations’ own back yards by impacting their market share and stock values.

The good news is that protests and boycotts are as American as apple pie and have been used by those on the “progressive” side for years. We need to wake up and get involved.

As noted, many large corporations actively support the LGBT lifestyle and promote entertainment on television, film and digital games which denigrates the traditional American family. Since most of us either pay into or live off retirement plans that buy stocks or mutual funds, we have the power of the purse. Money talks in America!

An organization that invests only in companies which support Catholic values is Ave Maria Mutual Funds. A Protestant Christian group, The Timothy Plan, also offers mutual funds which support traditional values. In addition this group will analyze individual stock holdings to advise if the companies are supporting abortion, pornography, alternate lifestyles and objectionable entertainment.

When the LGBT lobby is unhappy with events, they don’t hesitate to threaten boycotts and provide adverse publicity. This is their right under our Constitution, but those of us who oppose their agenda have the same right and need to exercise it. There’s a culture war going on and it can’t be fought simply at the ballot box.

The zeitgeist of the age determines what happens at the ballot box. Change requires stopping the insidious promotion of immorality by our media which is being funded with global corporate money.

Tom McGean

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