LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Stop trying to use Israel as the model for gun control

I really wish people would stop trying to use Israel as the model for how to combat the gun problem in the US. It simply would not work here.

First off, they have a tiny fraction of the privately held gun U.S. citizens have, (under 500,000 I believe). Secondly, you have to go through a lengthy process to get a license from the government to own said weapon. You can’t just go out and buy a weapon like you can in the U.S. Currently, only around 135,000 people have a license to own a gun in Israel.

To use Israel as the model for our problem would mean the 2nd Amendment would have to be radically changed, and everyone knows that will never happen.

And lastly, more guns in schools means safer schools is the most ridiculous bit of logic I’ve ever heard! Because if it was true then the U.S. would be the safest place on Earth! We have enough guns for every man, woman and child in the country! And yet, we have more gun deaths than every other country on earth, by a mile! It’s not even close.

Just look at Australia. After they changed their gun laws to reduce the number of privately held guns it took 22 years before they had a mass-casualty event using a firearm.. So unless you’re advocating abolishing or changing the 2nd Amendment, doing it the way Israel does will never work in the United States. But nice try.

William Wilson

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