LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Story on Delaware freedom misleading

I question why you placed the misleading and biased article, “Delaware among least ‘free’ states, study says” on Monday’s front page? The study, by the Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank organization, argued that Delaware will be freer when we get rid of the minimum wage, make union organizing more difficult, stop the efforts to expand the use of renewable energy, allow unlimited development on our lands, allow our tax dollars to go toward private school choice, and make it easier for people to carry guns. How can anyone seriously make these arguments in the 21st century? All of these suggestions reveal an ignorance of history, the economy and the environment.

In addition, the Cato Institute recommends that state taxes and education spending should be reduced. Ask anyone who has retired to Delaware and most will tell you low taxes brought them here. Suggesting that local governments can pick up the tab for their local schools proves that the Cato Institute does not know anything about our local towns and cities.

Sensible people can agree with the institute’s arguments that Delaware’s incarceration rate is too high and that law enforcement should not be able to take property from citizens who have never been charged with a crime. It is too bad that these were not the highlights of the front page headline.

Kathleen M. Doyle

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