LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support another candidate

Yesterday evening (Oct. 10) I attended a candidate’s forum in my community. When Robert Arlett was asked about his statements suggesting that full employment was the way to reduce gun violence, he replied that he had never said such a thing.

According to vote411.org, a non-partisan site offered by the League of Women Voters, Bob Arlett, in answer to the question, “What policies if any, will you support to reduce gun violence in the United States?” said that he supported the NCIS, a national criminal background check system. This is laudable.

But, he continued: “To reduce gun violence, I would support policies that ensure every able working age American to have a paying job. Americans contributing to the success of their communities and nation have little time for illegal activities.”

I would like to point out that many gainfully employed Americans live in poverty while working two, or even three jobs. Statistics easily found on the web indicate that it is not unemployment, per se, that is correlated to gun violence. It is poverty and income inequality.

The fact is that we don’t know how to end gun violence because the implications of the Dickey Amendment have frightened off those who could best do the research. If candidate Arlett cares about the issue, he should man up, and in defiance of the gun lobby, support funding for these studies, rather than spouting biblical remonstrations against idle hands.

Remember that Robert Arlett was the head of the Trump campaign in Delaware, and vows to support the president’s agenda if we send him to Washington.

I strongly suggest choosing a more honest, compassionate candidate.

Aliza Appel


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