Letter to the Editor: Support Bennett

We know Rep. Andria Bennett as just Andria. She is genuine and accessible every single day. She takes part in our community clean-ups on the weekends, and is right there cleaning with us.

She has helped to fix our neighborhood’s sidewalks and improve street signs so our streets stay safe. I am always impressed by how down-to-earth and accessible she is. Rep. Bennett will hand out fliers for our local events, and is always responsive at our civic meetings. We can always count on her to get things done.

As our state representative, she puts politics aside and does what is best for our community. That is why Rep. Bennett has our vote on Nov. 6.

Gladys Bishop and Michelle Guerrein

EDITOR’S NOTE: Incumbent Democrat Andria Bennett is facing Republican Cheryl Precourt for the 32nd Representative District seat in the Delaware General Assembly.

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