Letter to the Editor: Support DIMH market

Each Wednesday during the summer season, Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing (DIMH) has a booth full of goodies at the open air market in the heart of downtown Dover. Right between State Street and Governor’s Avenue. The best time to get some of those goodies is on your lunch hour – between 11 and 1:30.

What kind of goodies? The best fruits and vegetables money can buy! Fifer Orchards donates all of the great food, DIMH sells it, and all funds go to support the shelter, the best shelter either side of the Mississippi. Fifer Orchards understands that when we help the homeless we help our community. Did you know that money spent on DIMH produces a ten-fold return on investment?! Jeanine Kleimo, board chairperson, has all the numbers proving this.

I urge all of you to get there and get some goodies; you’ll keep coming back!

Ken Abraham


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