LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support for Carper

I am an unabashed progressive, an active member of Americans for Democratic Action for 45 years, 33 as a member of its National Committee, a founder of National Stonewall Democrats, and currently president of Delaware Stonewall PAC, but I am also a practical political activist.

Having read numerous articles that the challenger to Sen. Tom Carper could be the next Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I find myself having difficulty comprehending that. I grew up in the Bronx, not far from where Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s District is. I have lived in Sussex County for 16 years, and there is absolutely no comparison. Sussex is the heart of Trump country and would never vote for a progressive.

I look at the practical side as to why I will vote for Sen. Carper. If the Democrats gain control of the Senate, Sen. Carper’s seniority will provide a major asset to Delaware. He would likely chair the Committee on Environment and Public Works, a committee of vital importance to a coastal state like we are. He would be in a position to assure that the EPA resumes its responsibility of cleaning the air and water and we would again recognize climate change as a major hazard to our future. Delaware should not lose a powerful committee head for someone who will have to start at the bottom of the list, and have little power.

From my perspective as president of the Delaware Stonewall PAC, I point out that not only was then-Gov. Carper the first governor in Delaware to issue an executive order protecting the LGBT community, but he was one of the first in the nation. I also point out that he came to the very first fundraiser that our organization had in 2003, when hardly anyone knew we existed.

It is ironic to see the Republicans running for the Senate from Delaware saying Sen. Carper is too liberal and seeing his Democratic opponent accusing him of not being liberal. Maybe that’s what makes him a perfect fit for Delaware at this time.

Peter Schott
Rehoboth Beach

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