LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support for Louisa Phillips

As Nov. 6 approaches and our country prepares to vote, I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I will be voting for Louisa Phillips for the Delaware State Senate in the 16th District.

Louisa is an intelligent and hardworking woman with strong roots in our community. She is a diligent listener and an exceptional planner. As a former nurse and health care executive, Louisa understands the reality of holding a job while raising a family, in addition to showing compassion and competence when it matters most. I believe her innovative approach to fundamental problems will benefit the citizens who live and work in our district.

For example, Louisa’s plan to improve roads in the district seems simple, but it is in fact an incredible boon to our community. The average American spends 26 minutes traveling to work, and in our area at this time, at least six minutes of that would be spent waiting for traffic lights to change or cars to merge. That’s 12 minutes a day, or an hour a week. That’s 48 hours a year that could be spent in much more rewarding ways, such as reading to our children, cooking a delicious meal, or relaxing with a spouse.

Louisa understands that while this improvement to traffic patterns may cost money, the lack of adequate infrastructure is now costing us something more valuable: time. Her plan to rehabilitate the roads will increase the quality of life for many residents.

Louisa’s experience in health care is also a key component of her fitness to serve. As someone who has provided this vital service to our community for many years, Louisa understands the health care system as both a nurse and an executive. She has provided quality care to thousands of people and has become intimately familiar with the bureaucracy surrounding various treatments. Louisa’s ability to set ambitious goals and reach them through careful planning is unparalleled. She is also able to communicate effectively in a variety of situations. Given her record as a health care provider, I believe Louisa will bring fresh ideas and inventive strategies to the Delaware Senate.

Finally, I will be voting for Louisa because she is not a career politician. She is not someone who ever expected to run for office; Louisa is someone who has seen the problems in our district and can no longer be complacent about them. The cornerstone of democracy is the participation of its citizens, and Louisa’s example in this case is not only inspirational; it is characteristic of the progressive minds that founded this nation. If elected, Louisa will bring her fighting spirit to the Delaware Senate, where she will represent us with passion and resolve.

Kristina Bronwen

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