LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support for Phillips

I was thrilled when I learned my friend and former Scott Paper colleague, Louisa Phillips, would run for the 16th Senatorial District seat. Louie was a music major prior to becoming a nurse. The training she got in music of making sure everyone contributed to the whole and that every “voice” be heard runs deep in life.

Louie is a collaborator who will help ensure that our state government will do what is best for all Delawareans,especially those in her district. We have worked closely in our leadership roles with the Delaware Fund for Women. I’ve watched her attention to detail and follow through in many areas.

When you are with her you may notice a pencil tucked over her ear behind her curl — it is a symbol of her always being ready to take notes and then take action.

I hope the people of the 16th District go out to vote for this recently retired nurse and health care executive who has been a long-term advocate for affordable, accessible health care and she truly cares about all in the state of Delaware.

Kay Keenan

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