Letter to the Editor: Support Phil Rowe for Dewey Beach commissioner

Philip Rowe brings a greatly needed, fresh approach to Dewey Beach. He has deep roots in Dewey and has the town’s best interests at heart. He is intelligent, talented, and has extensive experience in turning companies around in a positive way. At a time when real leadership is needed, we are fortunate to have a resident with such a wide-ranging skillset in organizational management and performance available and willing to contribute.

This is exactly what the town needs at this time with a looming deficit already approaching $200,000 and unpaid bills, a devastating report on the state of our police force, low morale at town hall, and a complete lack of transparency. Our opportunity is now to move Dewey Beach government to a performance-based culture with new ideas, total transparency and real action on our town’s most pressing issues.

It’s time for change. Please vote for Phil Rowe and ONLY Phil . By doing so you avoid having to vote for incumbents that have not been doing an effective job in running our town. So your unused votes are a form of protest.

Diane Hanson
Former Mayor of Dewey Beach

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