Our officials in Dover do not report to Trump, they should report to us. Don’t vote against strong candidates because of one quality, their party affiliation. As a Democrat, I proudly endorse for James Spadola for State Auditor.

Spadola is a qualified candidate. He not only investigated financial crimes with the Newark PD for eight years, but also holds an MBA and was a business underwriter in Manhattan.

He is a true independent who will not yield to any special interests; he is the only candidate in the 2018 race to not accept endorsements from people who he would audit upon election. He also was not afraid to break with radical Trump policies in 2016.

From all my peers who have met him, Democrat and Republican alike, they commend Spadola’s integrity and are astounded such a strong candidate is facing challenges simply due to belonging to the same party as Mike Castle.

It is easy to assume somebody supports Trumpian policies because of party affiliation, or an abolish ICE policy likewise; do not make this mistake Nov. 6. I have faith in all Delawareans to make the right choice by electing James Spadola as our next State Auditor.

Bob Alfonsi

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