LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Supporting David Anderson

I support David Anderson, Dover city councilman from the Fourth District who is running for the Delaware House from the 31st District. I have known him for many years and found him to be not only knowledgeable about the issues, but also willing to act on that knowledge.

David is a constitutionalist, which is very important to me. We will not see change in our government unless we elect candidates with the knowledge and courage to stand for the Constitution. I believe he will keep his oath to protect our liberty and our families.

He did it as an American soldier and is the only combat veteran running to be a state representative. He did it on the Dover City Council when he opposed efforts to ban vegetable gardens, fought for revising the sign ordinance, supported the right of the law-abiding to bear arms, and supported eliminating inefficient regulations.

He was one of the leading voices against Education Regulation 225, which would have imposed gender- and race-identity politics on children of any age (even kindergartners) without parental input. David’s arguments were almost word for word what the state used to reconsider the effort. He is a known Common Core skeptic.

He opposed efforts to make Dover a place that was unfriendly to cars (Smart Streets). As someone who cares deeply about liberty in local government, his would be a great voice for us, the people, in state government.

Lorrie Gloede

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