LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Supporting Harris

Why will I vote for Kerri Evelyn Harris in the Democratic primary? I have met Kerri Harris. Her first impression is, well, impressive. She is present. She’s not thinking of a clever quip to make conversation. She is observing and listening to me.

Kerri is mindful. Kerri checks to make sure she understands what I am saying. Very impressive.

Kerri is warm, a warmth that reflects her ability to empathize with my concerns.

Kerri is knowledgeable about the challenges facing Delawareans like me. She knows paying for health care is what worries many here in our state. Single-payer, or Medicare for All, are ideas whose time has come for our country. Kerri will fight for us.

Kerry knows that men and women work to provide for their families. All have a right to compensation that enables them to support their families without public assistance to fill in the gap. Workers should be treated with dignity. American workplaces should be locations where the dignity of the individual is respected. It’s America, after all.

We need an uncompromised presence in the U.S. Senate, a bulwark against the utter cruelty and stupidity of the current administration. That bulwark is Kerri Evelyn Harris.

Paul Hayes

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