LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Supporting Sean Lynn for state representative

In today’s political environment, it has become a convenient tactic to resort to name calling to sensationalize an opponent’s position, and curry favor among a candidate’s constituency. Unfortunately, such tactics are being used in the 31st District state representative race against Representative Sean Lynn. I say unfortunately because the challenges we face are significant, and to solve them will require our collective best, and a willingness to listen and learn from each other.

However, to satisfy the partisans among you, if you want to call him a name, I have a few for you.

Father, husband — Sean and Alexis are parents of three energetic children and all you have to do is ask about them to see his eyes light up and the pride swell in his chest as he tells you about their latest adventure. If you want to know what drives Rep. Lynn, it is safe to say that his desire to leave the world a better place for his family and yours ranks at the top.

Advocate — Rep. Lynn has been a tireless advocate for criminal justice reforms, equal rights and protections for all citizens, and education policy to ensure all children have an opportunity to learn in a safe environment and from a well-qualified teacher. As an attorney he serves as a Child Advocate, providing legal representation for dependent, neglected, and abused children.

Public servant — Rep. Lynn gives his time, away from his family and small business, to serve the residents of the 31st District and state of Delaware. He focuses on the needs of his constituents, not his own.

Rep. Sean Lynn stands apart from the field in this race in part because of the example he lives, focusing on the issues most important to his district. He is a man of intellect and indefatigable passion to continue learning — a true public servant.

Rep. Lynn has my vote and that of my family’s. Please join us in voting for Rep. Lynn on Thursday, Sept. 6.

Darryl Scott

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