LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Swamp curtailing Kavanaugh

The swamp inhabitants are pulling out all the stops to prevent Judge Brett Kavanaugh from being seated in his rightful position on the SCOTUS panel of Supreme justices. The 11th hour cryptic and surprising expose presented by California Sen. Diane Feinstein appears to be a Hail Mary pass that just might not connect with the truth.

She had been given this important information in July 2018, months prior to her private meeting with Judge Kavanaugh and the inquisition at the senate hearings. Why did she not announce or say anything at all during that period of time? Looking for the end run that the Democrats were holding close to the vest for their last ditch attempt to delay and/or denounce any opportunity of a SCOTUS Kavanaugh confirmation?

There will be a Senate hearing again Thursday when both the accuser of sexual misconduct, Dr. Ford, and Judge Brett Kavanaugh will testify under oath as to what happened during that accusatory event. Let America trust that justice and truth will prevail.

The Democratic party has been distressed and angered in disbelief that their beloved presidential candidate HRC did not gain the victory on Nov. 8, 2016 that they so determined was destined to be hers, The woman has had trust issues throughout her entire political and personal life. They weren’t aware of any of her shortcomings?

All they could see was the flawed, unpolitical interloper they had learned to despise never being expected to become the victor of their so well-planned presidential conclusion.

The Dems have been planning the president’s downfall since the early hours of Nov. 9, 2018 when the unexpected victory results came flowing in. Justice was served. A new era of their political life would be exposed, overturned and unbelievably come to fruition.

President Trump does not play by their self-imposed rules. He is a business man who actually knows what works. An avenue the political wizards of negativity do not and may never recognize. Why can’t we look at how our beloved country has grown in personal opportunities for all Americans?

No special designees that the Democrats had endorsed. Major corporations in the manufacturing sector are returning to our shores. NATO is actually paying their fair share instead of the USA footing the major portion of the bill.

Didn’t Obama want the “fair share” option to always be on the table? Of course, although not if it wasn’t his idea. No prior administration had even approached our allies to pay up their designated allotment. The status quo was A-OK for many years Not smart but ever so polite in th. political arena.

Our brave military and veterans are now receiving the necessary aid that was ignored by the prior administration. Our country needs the “Wall!” The border patrol agents desperately need all the help they can muster to maintain a just and legal entrance for all aliens crossing into America.

President Trump speaks what he believes and does aspire for America to be great again. Actually, two other presidents stated the same thought — Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Not one word of angst was issued during those periods of time. The Dems just do not like the thought that now it is actually happening without any assistance from them — the consistent naysayers.

With only a short time until the rubber meets the road on Nov. 6 when the Dems expect the blue wave enabling them to take the House and, if conceivable, the Senate. The trouble with that item on their wish list is at the end of the evening they could be singing the blues themselves.

So, just to ensure their anticipated victory lap they are now bringing out the big guns from the recent past to slander all the progress we presently enjoy. We now must endure Barack Obama discrediting Donald J. Trump who has achieved just about everything he never could, Joe Biden, who believes Trump supporters are the dregs of society; former Attorney General Eric Holder who believes we should not want to Make America Great Again.

Guess he would prefer the untruths and return to mediocrity the Obama administration provided us with for eight long years. Of course, how can we forget Hillary Rodham Clinton, the woman will never go away.

If the Democrats take the mid-term elections we can depend on the fact that we will definitely return to a Back to the Future environment. Not to the beginning of the America established by our founding fathers but to the recent past during the Obama administration era when America was struggling with every attempt to travel the road to a successful life for all Americans. It never came to reality during those very lengthy Obama terms. Let us not return to home again!

Beverly Monahan

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