Letter to the Editor: Taking a trip may solve Dover’s parking problems

The Dover downtown parking issue has been in the news quite a bit recently. Please allow me to add “my two cents’ worth.” For several years I have been talking to councilmen and other city officials on how they might address this problem. I finally gave up. While they were polite and listened, that is as far as it went.

My recommendation was for a Dover delegation to go visit a comparable city which had previously experienced a similar problem and to see for themselves how they solved it. The city that I have in mind is that of Concord, New Hampshire. It is about the size of Dover and it too, is the state capital. And while there, it might be nice to talk to city officials asking for their input.

What they did was to have a lovely shopping plaza just below Main Street (there is a small hill) and between the two, shoppers face a nice large (and free) parking lot. As a result, both the plaza and Main Street are flourishing. While there, the group might also want to go to nearby Sanford, Maine, which found a similar solution, with theirs being slightly different.

I think that a visit by a Dover delegation would be much more economical than that of hiring a consultant at a significant fee in order to tell us what we already know — lack of, or perceived lack of, parking. While there, the group could also enjoy a nice lobster dinner at one of the numerous fine restaurants and the trip will still be less costly.

Dr. Arthur R. Gilbert

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