Letter to the Editor: Taxing propositions

I am writing this letter to object to the introduction of two new tax bills in this session of the General Assembly.

First is HB19, which is the school nurse tax. This bill would allow the school districts to impose a tax on property owners to fund the school nurse in every school. a noble thought, but that is why the schools have a operating budget. What will we ask for next, a transportation tax, maybe a school counselor tax? The list could go on and on.

This is not Maryland, Pennsylvania or New Jersey. People (seniors) are moving in record numbers into Delaware to escape all of these silly taxes and fees.

The second tax is SB50, which is the same bill that was introduced in the last session and not acted on. It is a school property tax for Delaware Technical Community College. As I wrote last year this is a state college and is supported by the state. We the property owners do not need to be paying twice for the school. They can label it anything that they want to but it is a tax.

If the General Assembly passes this tax, how long do you think it will take for University of Delaware, and Delaware State University to hold their hand out and say me too!

As a final thought I would like to thank the governor for vetoing the tax bill that would have moved the senior property tax credit to the income tax returns.

I am a senior on retirement income and I do not pay tax on my retirement income due to exemptions in the state tax code. That tax bill would have cost me and many others seniors a $400.00 tax increase.

Richard Kepfer

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