LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taylor the right choice for 31st District

The primary on Sept. 6 is fast approaching and we have a choice for the 31st District House of Representative. They are the incumbent Sean Lynn and Ralph Taylor. I would like to tell you personally why I feel that Ralph Taylor is the person who would benefit our district and all of Delaware the most.

Ralph is my boss and a man I have come to respect and am proud to call a friend. He is a lifelong Delawarean and has worked as a Dover police officer (retired), owns his own business presently, and is an elected official for the Capital School District school board. He is a leader in his church and community and someone you can always count on to go above and beyond.

One of his best attributes is that he will listen and always try to understand a viewpoint that differs from his and if the facts warrant it he will gladly alter his opinion. However, if he doesn’t believe you have a sound argument he will let you know he believes otherwise without making you feel belittled.

Everything I have ever seen him do is to help improve something; a customer’s experience, his family’s lives, his employees working condition or welfare, empowering those less fortunate, and the list is endless. He truly cares what happens here in Dover and throughout the state of Delaware and I think he will work tirelessly to make sure that he does his best for all of us.

James Cannon

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