LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Affordable Care Act lives another day — like the Walking Dead

So, Delaware senators Carper and Coons NOW believe the health care issue should be a bipartisan activity. When did that occur to them?

As before, the Dems wanted no part in the Repeal and Replace process of the ACA. They wanted to “Hold On To What We’ve Got” which was a good song by The Four Seasons back in the day but this concept will not save the salvation of the ACA/ObamaCare!

They want to stabilize the current ACA, e.g., the existing, though dwindling, exchanges; maintain the garroting individual mandates and continue the subsidies for low-income participants in the aforementioned exchanges. Sounds like same-old, same-old to me.

The Dems do not want to repeal and/or replace the ACA. They want to renegotiate their beloved ACA and not go forth on a better healthcare plan allowing all Americans to choose their own course of action by offering a variety of viable health care options that will prove to be acceptable to all Americans; not one that Americans are forced to participate in by the governmental, regulatory, controlling ACA/ObamaCare that has been strangling Americans since 2009. It is not salvageable. It should be terminated.

The Democrats cannot conceive that their treasured ACA has been a disaster. It has no future in America. We desperately need for it to be abolished before it implodes on its own frailties and misconceptions. Senator Coons acknowledges that the initial outing of the ACA/ObamaCare appeared to be successful but after its rollout “it cost more than expected.”

A bit more forethought would have proven to be a major positive. However, as then-House Majority Leader Madame Nancy Pelosi stated, “First we have to pass it to know what’s in it.” How dumb can one political wizard get? Just ask Nancy!

There will not be a kumbaiya meeting of the minds in Washington, DC. The egos involved will never allow that to happen.

Arizona senator John McCain voted the unexpected No on the sickly “Skinny Bill” based on his belief that would enable a joint consensus of a bipartisan conciliation effort. It was a grand idea.

Unfortunately, the days of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill (two giants in the political world) is no longer feasible. John McCain should have remembered Thomas Wolfe’s words of wisdom “You Can’t Go Home Again.” Just as you cannot retrace the wonder years of Washington DC either. It is a far more ugly, complex and egotistical environment than as has ever been experienced before.

The Republicans must get their act together and put forth a solid health care offering that will satisfy their brethren — both conservative and moderate to achieve America’s formidable need for a health care plan benefiting Americans.

The Democrats, as the party of resistance, will never participate in the R&R. The Wall discussions — both pro and con — does not concern only our national borders in America. There is an invisible wall throughout our Senate and House memberships across the aisles that must be eradicated.

First, let’s stop attempting to resuscitate the dying ACA/ObamaCare and complete to fruition Repeal and Replace our health care doctrines America deserves and have awaited for far too long!

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly Monahan


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