LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The circus is alive and well – sadly

I watched with some amusement, but with more sadness, the Congressional hearing of FBI agent, Peter Strzok. I can only imagine the comedy that will play out when his lover, Lisa Page, goes before Congress.

I watched his responses and saw an arrogant and defiant witness who couldn’t remember certain texts, but could explain fully their intent.

Why would someone feel that they could be so arrogant when questioned by Congress? The answer is fairly simple. Half of the questioners had no intention of asking him anything related to the hearing. Instead, they railed, ranted and raved about everything under the sun, and at every opportunity, tore our President to shreds.

If you listened to both sides, those who attacked and those who defended, the only rational conclusion is that bias on the part of the witness was rampant. However, he knew that “proving” bias was going to be extremely difficult, especially when he answered questions with peripheral information that had nothing to do with the question at hand.

Mr. Strzok is a veteran, and I applaud him for his service. However, when a Democrat suggested that he should receive a Purple Heart for his actions, I was dumbfounded. Does that idiot know why an American service member is awarded the Purple Heart? To equate this hearing with the award of the most serious of decorations is criminal. How much blood did Mr. Strzok shed, or how much pain did he endure for his country with respect to the Congressional hearing?

For all of the theatrics, chest pounding, and pure bull I heard today, will anything change or will any “real” questions get answered? I seriously doubt it. Therefore, it is up to the American public to send a message that is louder and clearer to the minority party in November — the left wing is not your savior, being disruptive at every option is not your savior.

If the Democrats want any chance at all this November, they need to take a hard long look in the mirror and decide whether American democracy will be their savior or Socialism will be their downfall.

From what I witnessed, Socialism is winning.

Frank Daniels
Col. (Ret), USAR

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