LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Contemptible

Illegal infestation is plaguing America — people living on her shores reaping, rewards (our benefits), Stealing from us the benefits we have worked for all our lives. Countless numbers of illegals demanding their rights and customs be respected regardless how controversial — without criticism.

We must not stand for this to happen again. Illegals must learn: “Liberty stands tall for all who obey the law; love us or leave us.” The left cries out to demean the president and his immigration laws when they, themselves were the guilty ones for allowing Obama and Bush laws to come about.

The left is so distraught over child separation from parents at the border and how inhumane it is; when at the same time their most self-righteous bill is “Roe vs. Wade. All they truly care about are votes, votes and more votes; and lost control/power!!

America’s youth reaching voting age are immature with undeveloped minds regarding adult life; confused and angry, demanding change of the rule of law; prejudiced by professors and counselors without thinking of the consequences to our future. Politicians are trying to influence adolescents with their biased propaganda and rhetoric to influence their innocent minds.

Then, we have the anger of political parties in Washington D.C. — undeniable hatred resulting in a lack of compromise. Hatred so great it is filled with blindness; not being able to see truth from lies. Some of our leadership (Congress) are so undisciplined in decorum having no respect for others.

The left wing media – contemptible!

When did the vicious loathing of President Trump happen? Was it when he won the election?

Answer: No, it began on Obama’s watch.

Most people say, “it happened when Hillary lost the election.” Again, I say, not so. Actually, it began when Obama announced: “America is no longer a Christian nation.”

Obama almost destroyed our nation with his cunning takedown of the America agenda. His main plot was to cause racial division; in which he succeeded greatly. Our country is divided but we will overcome, thanks to our sitting President, The Honorable, Mr. Donald J. Trump.

Sue Schell

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