LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The death of our Constitution, democracy

The vitriolic rhetoric of the 2016 presidential campaign has mushroomed over the past two years into areas once thought sacrosanct. The targeting of officials out for dinner, at their homes, and the publishing of government employees’ home addresses over the immigration debate is frightening.

It is readily apparent that the left wing now controls the Democratic Party. Their sole strategy to regain control of the power and money in Washington is the use of personal and vicious attacks. Forget the real issue(s), keep the constant barrage of personal attacks at the forefront. As if the left wing rhetoric wasn’t vicious enough, the main stream media, mimicking the left, has now sunk to the level of identifying Americans who voted for President Trump as Nazis. Sadly, we have lost our moral compass.

The American public sent a very strong message to Congress in November 2016. Unfortunately Congress and the mainstream media have ignored that message. Instead, Congress has done everything in its power to thwart the wishes of the American voter, and we know to what levels of indecency the main stream media has sunk. While the Democrats have done absolutely nothing to work with our president, the Republicans have done little to unify and push the president’s agenda forward. Instead, and using the military as a pawn, Congress passed a bill that does nothing but add another trillion dollars to our already ballooning deficit. Why?

The answer is fairly simple — our president, duly elected by the American voter, is not one of the Washington crowd. Instead, he is a business man who had to meet a payroll each week, not from money given, but from money earned. However, Washington insiders and the media refuse to work or even deal with him. Instead, they cry and whine that he lacks their political gentility, civility and knowledge. We are no longer getting “news,” but rather the rant and ravings of commentators who cannot or will not accept the statement made by the American voter. Let’s face it, politics is a dirty, dirty business, and as a business man, he’s playing the game his way, not theirs, and they don’t know how to react.

As we approach the mid-term elections, much of the information surrounding the DoJ and FBI concerning their work on the Hillary and Mueller investigations is finally coming to light, and it is incredibly frightening. Unless there are some radical changes within both agencies, we have entered the beginnings of lawlessness.

Obama turned the DoJ and FBI into political agencies bent on following, at any cost, the socialistic principles of the left wing of the Democratic Party. Instead of foregoing any and all political ideologies, both organizations have become mired in the political mud of the worst politicians of both parties. While there are those politicians who are trying, the majority of our congressional representatives are biding their time, in hopes of a Trump loss in 2020.

Given the turmoil we are witnessing on a daily basis, I can only surmise that our nation is headed toward another civil war. The only question is, how much American blood will be shed, not on foreign soil, but ours, as in the 1860s? And let us not forget, in 1860 the governor’s offices’ in the South were controlled by Democrats, and it was the southern democratic vote that almost derailed the passage of civil rights laws in the 1960s.

Over the past few decades our educational system, once the pride of this nation and the world, has sunk to the level of indoctrination of political ideals and absurdities, such as proposed regulation 225. We have taught multiple generations that hard work is immoral (elimination of the class valedictorian), and that those in government are smarter than you. Is it no wonder that so many of our young people, mired in debt because the government thought “everyone” should get a college degree, are following the Democratic left wing?

We have lost not only our moral compass, but the idea that there are “American” standards and norms. We are so enmeshed in the power of our cell phones that “my” thoughts and beliefs are the only ones that matter. Even the ACLU is rethinking its defense of the 1st Amendment.

Freedom of speech is every citizen’s right, but when used to discriminate, dehumanize, debase and harangue, maybe it’s time to stop and see each other as God intended. Not to always agree, but to at least be civil and respectful in our debates over contentious issues. There is a black cloud over this country, and unless we change, it’s only a matter of time before that cloud spews is ugly contents over our great nation.

Frank Daniels
Col. (Ret), USAR

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