Letter to the Editor: The Department of Correction’s lost society

We reside in a society constructed of a multitude of people in all shapes, sizes, colors, attitudes, dispositions, intellectual measures, moral caliber, mental capabilities, levels of financial status, etc.

Recall the popular aphorism “It takes all types to make the world go around” which adds credence to the reality that no one should be disregarded for being “different.”

“‘Different” which also entails, amongst other things, persons that may have lived a substandard childhood which led to a like adolescent trajectory that ultimately led to less than stellar life choices and hence, has consequently led to removal from society to atone for such. They’re our lost society.

Technically, they’re not lost because we know where they are physically: Department of Correction.

Lost, however, in terms of those who believe that where they are determines that they don’t deserve the most basic of human rights, who bully, ridicule, intimidate and goad them for cruel recreation or are blind to the notion that rehabilitation of (some) of this “different” population is not only possible, but mutually rewarding.. for them and the society they return to upon release.

Being “different” — no matter where one is — makes him/her no less of a man or woman. Remember, “There but by the grace of God go I”.

Dianne Scott


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