LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Dover parking puzzle

My suggestion while we’re waiting forever for a Dover parking garage (which will need to have actual security guards).

To show everyone where there are available legal parking spots, paint those spots in a different color — possibly green — with a large sign posted also in green at the entrance to let the public know they are OK to enter the lot and may easily find a parking spot. For spots limited towo hours, have the spot in green/white stripes. Legible and clear signage is important.

It would also be a friendly gesture to post if the business parking would be welcome/available after business hours.

This, in my opinion, would alleviate a lot of frustration. While there may be many spots available, no one know where they are and the frustration builds as they ride around. They could go to a mall or shopping center, pull in, park and shop.

Mary Lou Rowlands

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