LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Golden Age of Man?

If you are 80 years of age or older, were born in America, and consider yourself middle class, you belong to a group of people who are truly blessed. You are old enough to remember a 20-year span that I prefer to call “The Golden Age of Man.” These decades run from 1940 through the 1950s. Since man has been on this earth, these roughly 20 years are the zenith of his contentment and living the near-carefree life.

It is also true that this period saw a terrible world war and Korean conflict. Life on the home front saw rationing and support of our military overseas, but civilian life in America was vastly different from what we face today. There was no drug problem and no rampant local crime. People knew and enjoyed their neighbors. Kids respected their elders and parents. The three “R”s were first and foremost in the schools. There was no political correctness. Christ was fully connected to Christmas. There were no mass shootings, and if you touched your father’s gun, you got a licking. Pornography was restricted to back streets, and sex was not flaunted by Hollywood and the media. You were told you could play outdoors, but be home when the streetlights came on. Usually, everyone was present for the evening meal at home, and kids helped with the dishes.

You didn’t feel the need to lock your house or car doors. You could hitchhike for hundreds of miles without concern. You could pick up a hitchhiker without concern. Great medical strides were coming into being at this time. Traffic on the roads was light compared to the chaos today. As a kid or older, you could carry a pocketknife without causing a stir. Childbirth outside of marriage was frowned upon. Etc., etc., etc.

Before the ’40s, man had not progressed enough to enjoy a better life. After the ’50s, things started going down even though technology was getting better. Today, we have some truly amazing things at our disposal: Cell phones, microwaves, Internet, 40-mpg cars, medical breakthroughs, delicious foods, etc. But, living today without worry or stress is hard to do. You have fear of robbery, being a shooting victim, terrorism, highway fatality, fear of a cancer, etc.

Yes, if you are 80 or older with a clear mind, you can remember our life during those times. You are blessed with these memories, and no one can take them away from you. Unfortunately, the youth of today have no such memories and don’t realize what life can be like. Maybe with the grace of God and a better president in the White House, we can start on the way back.

Harold Lorenze

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