LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The haves and have nots?

I read the Opinion page regularly and often am frustrated by what is written. This is the first time I have ever felt the need to respond.

Mr. Miller’s opinion in response to another person’s opinion is outrageous. (“Distortions of Socialism and its effects,” Aug. 30) I did not read the colonel’s opinion from Aug. 13, (“Democratic Socialism dangerous to our way of life”) but clearly Mr. Miller does not “get it” as he so aptly stated.

First, “many people in this country who, through some misfortune not of their own making, truly and honestly are not able to work?” He comments about disabilities and seniors. Who is asking these people to work?

Quit being melodramatic, because I am quite sure that Col. Daniels was not asking the elderly to work. Second, Mexicans? Why just Mexicans? The problem is illegals not a race of people. That comment in my opinion makes you a racist. Third, “we still have a nation of have and have-nots”. Yes, we do. Want to know why? Because they earned it and created things that no one else thought of or invested accordingly.

Mr. Miller, your comment, “the haves are not willing to voluntarily share with the have-nots” is utter drivel. This entitled attitude, of what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine too, has got to stop. How about I come to your door and tell you to give me half your money because you have more than me? How about everyone that is on welfare comes to your door and asks for your money? No? That doesn’t work for you? Me neither. I pay for those on welfare through my tax dollars just like everyone else including the top 1 percent. I don’t begrudge them their prosperity as you do. They earned it.

Have I had a misfortune that wasn’t in my control? Yes, I have, so I speak from experience. Do you know what we did? We pulled up our boot straps and stopped living beyond our means. Now we have a little bit of savings, just a bit and we still give to several charities (Ronald McDonald House, Shriners, Wounded Warrior and more).

We never stopped giving what we could, yet you ask for more. “Are you kidding me?” Yes, Mr. Miller, I ask the same of you!

Angel Taraila

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